Dream and reward

We are the light over the funnel.
We are the guy in the tunnel,
the wind
the sun
the infinite run.

Pick it up from the ground,
have a glance
have a chance
trash it out
like your life rebounds.

in that twisted world of fun
Something changed
down there,
of tongue and drooling,
your face sticks to the window, moaning.

Kick me out,
lick the pain
kiss the sorrow
suck the poison
like a double edged blade.

Bleeding slowly,
partially twisted
we look at the corner
which fiercely hugs us.

Behind your soul
late but soon
we will find it back
spinning fast
waiting for us.

Don’t touch it,
It’s holy
it’s vital
it’s a mere neverending dream
blown away
by its core
made of clay.



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